November 16, 2022

Why you MUST do an Engagement Session

Wedding Photography

Why is an Engagement Session so Important?

There are several reasons I feel having an engagement session done is so important.

This session is a perfect opportunity for you to get to know your photographer, and for them to get to know you. This is really important to establish a trust a report before the big day, which no mater how well planned, how beautiful, how can be a little stressful. Knowing your photographer, and having worked with them before takes a lot of this stress away. After all, it is the unknown that is the most stressful. When you have spend a few hours together already, shooting, not just talking, you will be a lot more relaxed and trusting. Knowing how they work and what the final images will look like goes a long way to making the wedding day photography more fun and a lot less stressful!

Once the day is over and you have gotten to know each other, now you get to lick styles and discuss editing. This is another big reason this shoot is so important. Months before your big day, you have already seen the photographers work, of YOU, and helped cull, select, and provide input in editing styles. This makes your life, again, much less stressful and slo allows your photographer to already know what you like when the big day comes. It helps your photographer not only capture the things that are important to you, but they also now know the styles you like in editing them.

The last, but equally important reason, that an engagement shoot is so important is that no matter how beautiful your wedding photos are, very few couples actually print and display them. Not to say you won't hang a wedding photo or two, or that you won't pull out your album to show family and friends, or even send copious emails showing off your beautiful gown and decor, but in reality most people don't display these photos as home decor. An engagement shoot, however, make fantastic home decor to tell your story. These photos should capture your personalities, not just as individuals, but maybe for the first time, your personality as a couple! Candid, fun, intimate photos of the two of you make amazing wall art and talking pieces.

Many photographers either throw in engagement sessions as part of their packages, or like me, heavily discount them. I often give away engagement shoots to my wedding couples as a promo, or thank you for booking. Even couples who say they already have had an engagement shoot I encourage to let me shoot them again. I think it is very important to work together before the wedding day, get to know each other, and be totally at ease.